Cebu Blue Ocean講師マネージャーの英語スクール紹介

 Cebu Blue Ocean講師マネージャーの英語スクール紹介1



1. I am Joy G. Chees.
I have been working for this kind of institution, an academe whose main purpose is not just to enhance the English skill of students but to unleash their potentials as well, for more than ten years now. I am a graduate of communication and currently finishing my post-graduate thesis.
I started as a 1:1 teacher and taught the microskills of the language—from pronunciation to grammar. After a month of hard work, I was asked to teach group classes and this time I focu sed on enhancing the macroskills of the English language. This is when I realized I wanted to do much more for students. This has led me to join the training and development team of the institution under the Human Resources Department. The institution has given me the opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and skills by enrolling me to graduate school and sending me to Korea. Such experience has not just made me advance my capabilities as an educator and a trainer.
Being exposed to another country with different but interesting cultures and learning their language have allowed me to have a clearer picture as to how ESL learners feel when they get to study the English language in my country.
Enhancing the students’ English skill is our main purpose. Unleashing their potentials to become somebody in the future is our second. We want our learners to receive the satisfaction they deserve. That is what our academy is for.


Cebu Blue Ocean講師マネージャーの英語スクール紹介2

1. 私は Joy G. Cheesです。

私は、教育機関で10年以上働いています。ここにくる留学生には英語のスキルを高めるだけではなく、一人一人が持つ可能性も見出してほしいといつも願っています。 大学ではコミュニケーション学科を卒業し、現在は大学院論文を終わらせているところです。


CBOA講師として働き始めた当初は、 マンツーマンの教師として発音から文法までを教えていました。 1ヶ月後、グループクラスを担当する事になり、この頃からフィリピン英語講師として留学生の為にもっと尽くしたいと思うようになりました。 その後、私はCOBA講師の教育・トレーニングチームに参加する事となりました。 教育チームに参加した事をきっかけに、自分に必要な知識をさらに高める機会となり、大学院に挑戦したり韓国にも行く機会となりました。これらの経験は単に自分の知識を高めるだけではなく、私が教育者・トレーナーとして仕事をする上で、とても役に立ちました。


留学生達の英語のスキルを高めることが私たちの一番の目標です。次に、留学生達が持つ可能性を最大限に見出し新しい自分を発見してほしいと思います。 私たちアカデミーはそのために最善をつくします。


2. Determining the level of the students and creating their schedule that best suits them are some of the most challenging tasks.

Thus, for us to decide a certain student’s level objectively, the following level test scheme is conducted: First, a form is given to incoming students for them to fill out some necessary information. Such information will allow proctor-teachers to know whether the students have been exposed to the English language or not.  Second, a speaking assessment is done. Ten (10) minutes is allotted to each test taker which has the following breakdown:


1 minute: Self-introduction
1 minute: Follow –up Questions/Probing
1 minute: Vocabulary
6 minutes: Interview Questions
1 minute: Student’s Preference


The said speaking assessment is conducted by two (2) proctor-teachers for one student. When all test takers are done, brainstorming is done by all proctor-teachers to further review the results of the test. Third, a listening comprehension exam which lasts for 40 minutes is done. This exam is mainly divided into two parts: dictation and comprehension. Lastly, another 40 minutes is allotted for the reading comprehension exam. The said exam aims to measure the understanding of the student through reading passages.
The scores will all then be tallied and results will assist us decide the appropriate level of a certain student.
There are a lot of things to consider in creating the students’ schedule. The student’s level, preference, health and English course/program. First, we make the general schedule of each level where specific subjects and hours will be determined. Second, we go to their individual schedule by appointing specific teachers for each student to teach particular subjects. Third, we post both the general and individual schedules for students and teachers to check.


2. 留学生に適したレベルを見極めること、またスケジュールを作ることは挑戦的な仕事のひとつです。








留学生のスケジュールを決める際、留学生のレベル・希望・健康状態(途中で休憩を入れる等)やブログラムやコースなどを考慮し決定します。 初めに各コースのレベル毎のスケジュールを作ります。次に、その教科にあったマンツーマンとグループクラスの英語講師を選出し、スケジュール表は完成です。そして掲示板に貼りだします。


3. Although satisfaction which students deserve is our guarantee, we have certain protocols to follow when a change-of-teacher request from a student has been made.

Each manager is tasked to conduct counselling to all students under them. This will allow managers to be updated with the current learning status of the students. This will also allow them to know what the real problem is. This will then be relayed to the headteacher. A class observation will be done to the concerned teacher and student’s class. A counselling between the headteacher and the concerned teacher is also a must for clarity and confirmation’s purposes. Such procedures also apply when a certain student requests for a change of subject/class.


3. 留学生に満足してもらうことは私達の務めなのですが、万が一留学生がCBOAの講師を変更したいとのリクエストがあった場合はマネージャー(日本人・韓国人)が留学生のカウンセリングを行います。

マネージャー達は何が問題なのかを詳しく聞き、その後ヘッドティチャー(T.Joy )へ報告します。必要な場合は、そのクラスをヘッドティーチャー(T.Joy)が見学し、担当講師との間でもカウンセリングが行われ、問題の解明と確認を行います。それでも、改善が見られなかったり留学生が変更を望む場合は、COBA講師を変更します。


4.If a student is late for more than 20 minutes, he / she shall be considered absent even if he/she attended the class.

Late three times will be counted as one absent. We are going to drop student’s class if he/she absents 1:1 class 5 times. (group class 3 times/Option class 2 times)
Students are requested to attend self-study after 7 pm as much as he/she absents.
Ex)  if students absent 3hours , you have to attend self-study for 3 hours.
Student can check every day on the bulletin board how many times he/ she has absented and been late so, please check by yourself.
Student must attend self-study as much as he/she absents  and finish it on the same date. self-study time during  weekdays  : 7 PM ~ 10 PM ( up to 3hours per day )/weekends : 9 AM ~ 5PM ( Except lunch time : 12:00 ~13:00) Place for weekdays  : Blue 2  / weekends : Blue 1


4. 授業が始まって遅れてきた場合は20分までが遅刻となり、20分たっても出席しない場合には、欠席扱いとなります。3回遅刻した留学生は、1回欠席となります。


5.We are providing 5 kinds of potion classes. ( Monday – Thursday )

Guitar Class
Zumba Class
Morning Listening
Audio Visual Class
Monitored Self Study Class
These are all free to take. Other option classes are to be offered soon.

5. セブ・ブルーオーシャンアカデミーでは平日(月~木)オプションクラスを開講しています。




6. Passion to teach,

this is the main reason why ESL Teachers of this institution are driven to wake up in the morning. Service-oriented, this is the second reason why they love doing their job.  I would like to say that we have a great number of famous and popular teachers. May I invite you to come and experience a great class with these famously passionate and popularly service-oriented educators.


6. ESL教師達は教える事に情熱を持っています。



7. Students who have stayed in the institution for 4 weeks are obliged to undergo the Check-up Day.


a) Describing A Picture. A student is asked to describe a picture. Thirty (30) seconds is allotted for the student to organize their thoughts and a minute to deliver his opinion.
b) Pattern English and Vocabulary. A student is to construct a certain number of sentences depending on their current level utilizing correct patterns and vocabularies learned.
c) Reading Aloud. One chapter from their reading books will serve as the reading passage. They are to read the passage in one minute.
d) Interview Questions.


There are two parts of this examination: Listening dictation and listening comprehension from 6 different stories. The scores will all then be tallied and results will assist us decide the appropriate level of a certain student.


7. 4週間以上滞在する留学生はレベルテストを受けなければならなりません。

B:パターン表現と単語: レベル毎に習ったパターンと単語を使用し、文章を作ります。


このテストは6つのストーリーの中で主に2つのパート分けられており、1つは書き取りテスト、もう1つは理解力のテストです。 採点後、留学生のレベルに沿った結果が発表されます。


8.Students come here for two important reasons : to study and to have leisure.
And we offer both. That’s the good thing about our school. Students can enjoy any water sports they’re interested at on weekends while focusing their time learning English on weekdays.


8. 留学生達は勉強をする事とレジャーを楽しむ事、この2つの理由でセブを選んで来ています。







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