Pines International Academy – Cooyeesan Campus

Introduction: General Manager at Pines


1. 留学スクールのスケジューラの自己分析

I have been the Supervisor in CNN since January 2014.  I have had 10 years experience teaching English to foreigners one-on-one and 4 years experience teaching online.  Before being promoted to Supervisor, I was a senior teacher who taught ESL, Business English, TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS.  Prior to my teaching job, I had worked in both the private and government sectors and also had a job as an essay and story writer for an English magazine.  My university degree in business management has contributed to great degree in all my job experiences.


校長になる前は、ESL, Business English, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTSを教える先任のフィリピン人講師でした。


2. 新留学生のレベルテスト・時間割が組まれるまでのこと

schedules of students are made based on several factors:
a. the results of the initial diagnostic test (reading, speaking, listening, and writing) taken by the incoming student
b. the course type which the student enrolled in
c. the student’s age and educational or professional background
Based on the above factors, the specific classes are chosen; the study materials are matched with the student’s skill level, and specific available teachers whose educational/professional background matches the student’s are assigned.


a. 入学して最初に受けていただくテストの結果。(reading, speaking, listening and writing)
b. 留学生様が選ばれたコースを参考にして。
c. 留学生様の年齢、フィリピン人講師の専門分野。


3. 授業・フィリピン講師変更の手続き、申請方法など

As part of CNN’s Standard Operating Procedures, any student is allowed to request for a change of teacher by filling out the appropriate request form which can be acquired anytime from the secretary.  For CNN’s quality control and assurance purposes, students are encouraged to indicate their reasons for changing their teacher.  Based on this information, corrective and pre-emptive steps are taken to prevent possible future dissatisfaction by other students.


CNNの正式な手続きとして、留学生様はいつでも事務員にリクエストフォームという用紙をもらい内容を記入すれば、フィリピン人講師を変更することが可能です。CNNの 雰囲気を向上させるため、留学生様にフィリピン人講師を変更する際、理由を教えていただいております。この先手をうった戦略をもとに、今後の留学生様に不満を抱かせること を防ぎます。


4. 学業に関する規定・ペナルティー



5. コース別課題の内容、サンプル

Intensive Course A   30 hours/week
CNN Module 1:1 2hrs) + (OPIC 1:1 1hr) + (Group Study 1hr) + (Listening 2hrs)
This course is specially designed for students who want to improve their reading comprehension. It will also enhance their speaking skills and listening comprehension.


Intensive Course B 30 hours/week
CNN Module 1:1 2hrs) + (WAp 1:1 1hr) + (OPIC 1:1 1hr) + (Listening Class 2hrs )
It is a 6 hour class that focuses on personalized instruction to ensure rigid training for comprehension, conversation skills , vocabulary words and its usage .


Main Intensive Course  40 hours/week
(CNN Module 1:1 2hrs) + (WAp 1:1 1hr) + (OPIC 1:1 1hr) + (Group Study 2hrs) + (Listening Class 2hrs)
It is an 8 hrs class for fast and speedy training in  the English language.  The Group study class is incorporated in this course to develop self – confidence and improve fluency in speaking. Comprehension in reading and comprehension in Listening are important factors in this course

Customized course1 (6h)

Module m2m (2hrs) + OPIC m2m (1hr) + WAp m2m  (1hr) = (4hrs)
Student’s personal choice own book (2 hrs) or choice from the list (2hrs)


Customized course2 (7h)
Module m2m (2hrs) + OPIC m2m (1hr) + WAp m2m (1hr) + LC or Group (2hrs ) = (6hrs)
Student’s personal choice own book (1 hr) or choice from the list (1hr)


Customized course3 (8h)
Module m2m (2hrs) + OPIC m2m (1hr) + WAp m2m (1hr) + LC or Group (2hrs) = (6hrs)
Student’s personal choice own book (2 hrs) or choice from the list (2hrs)


Customized course4 (8h)
Module m2m (2hrs) + OPIC m2m (1hr) + WAp m2m (1hr) = (4hrs)
Student’s personal choice own book (4 hrs) or choice from the list (4hrs)


Business course
The Business English course is typically offered to business professionals who need to develop and sharpen their business communication competence and skills for an ever globalizing business world.


Test of English for International Communication is a language testing system to
gauge  the everyday skills of people working in an international environment.
This course is recommended for businessmen and other professionals.
TOEIC Reading / TOEIC Vocab  1:1 (2hrs) + TOEIC Speaking (2hrs) + TOEIC L/C (2hrs) + Small Group A/B(2hrs)


Test of English as a Foreign Language measures the English proficiency of people
whose native language is not English.  It also tests the four language skills which
are important factors in English Proficiency test.
TOEFL Reading 1:1 (2hrs) + Writing 1:1 (2hrs) + L/C 1:4 (2hrs) + Speaking 1:4 (2hrs)

IELTS (Academic Module)

International English Language Testing System (Academic Training) is for academic and professional purposes. This training is intended for those who want to enrol in universities and other institutions of higher education and for professionals like medical doctors, nurses or engineers who want to study or practice in English speaking countries.
IELTS Reading 1:1 (2hrs) + IELTS Writing 1:1 (2hrs) + L/C 1:5 (2hrs) + Speaking 1:2 (2hrs)

IELTS (General Training Module)

IELTS General Training is for immigration purposes and also intended for those
planning to undertake non-academic training, seek employment as a skilled worker or to gain work experience in English speaking countries.
IELTS Reading 1:1 (2hrs) + IELTS Writing 1:1 (2hrs) + L/C 1:5 (2hrs) + Speaking 1:2 (2hrs)


Sparta 60 hours/week
(CNN Module 1:1 2hrs) + (WAp 1:1 1hr) + (OPIC 1:1 1hr) + (Group Study 2hrs) + (Listening Class 2 hrs) + (RST 1hr) + (RST Vocabulary 30min) + (Self–study time 1hr & 30min) = 12 hrs daily

The Regular Schedule of Activities of Students under Sparta Program:

08:00 AM – 12:00 NN  :    Morning classes at CNN

12:00 NN – 01:00 PM  :    Lunch
01:00 – 05:00 PM        :    Afternoon classes at CNN
06:00 – 07:00 PM        :    Dinner
07:00 – 08:00 PM        :    Remedial Class Time (RST)
08:00 – 08:30 PM        :    Vocabulary Lessons
08:30 – 08:40 PM        :    Break
08:40 – 10:00 PM        :    Self-Study Time


On Fridays : Weekly Vocabulary Test, Group Activities ,
Posting of Students’ Notes on Weekly Topic
* Note:  Students have their own prerogative to extend their self-study time.
● Month-End Activities:
Monthly Vocabulary Test
Speech contest
Special Activities/Presentations/Programs/Awarding Ceremonies


The Sparta RST Program offers 2 optional types of rooming-in
arrangements among students and the program’s resident teachers:
●The 2-plus-1 Premium Mode where 2 students room in with 1 resident teacher to ensure continuing exercise of the language in a practical setting.
●The 1-plus-1 Exclusive Mode where only 1 student rooms in with 1 resident teacher to facilitate the quickest progress in oral proficiency.


6. 放課後の学習プログラム



7. 最近の人気フィリピン人講師の紹介

All regular teachers (T. Alex, T. Cherry, T. Dianne, T. Ellen, T. Eva, T. Jazz, T. Justine, T. Rosie, T. Adrean)  Main reason:  long years of teaching experience – 8-12 years


8. 最近の小テスト・レベルテストの方法・内容

*An initial Level Test is given to all new incoming students in order to determine which classes and books would best suit them. The initial level test is based on Cambridge English Language Assessment and may not be approximate to be used in a formal language application.


入学された留学生様にはその人に合った適切な授業や教科書を決めるために、最初にイニシャルレベルテストを受けていただきます。このテストはCambridge English Language Assessmentに基づいて作られた実用的な英語のテストです。


*After each month of study, the students are given level evaluation exam to help them pinpoint their weaknesses in the four macro skills, and determine their level of improvement to better help the students in their studies. With this method, the students can see their development, thus giving them a clear goal in their study. This exam is given every month and each student is given personal assessment and academic counselling.
Culminating exam includes Public Speaking instead of the one-on-one Speaking test which is regularly conducted monthly.


毎月一度、レベル評価テストを受けます。その結果をもとに評価シートを担当フィリピン人講師が作成しお渡しします。自分の苦手な分野の発見、一か月でどれだけ成長でき たか、一か月間の勉強の仕方は正しかったかなど、留学生様の勉強においての目標に繋がるテストです。また、最後の月のスピーキングのテストでは、マンツーマ ンのスピーキングテストに代わり、アクティビティの一つであるパブリックスピーキングを行います。
The students are tested based on Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The exam is general in content from practical application (daily English usage) to more academic and work-related.

留学生様方はGrammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listeningのテストを受けます。テストの内容は実用的な表現から、留学スクール関係、仕事関係まで含まれています。


9. 在学留学生の学習に関する話

Students’ personal account in relation to their study in CNN:
Many of our Japanese students are sent by their companies, and part of our concluding activities for them is the Public Speaking Presentation wherein the students are encouraged to prepare a speech of any topic and be able to present it in front of an audience. 95% of our Japanese students participate in this activity. At most times, the students would contact their former teachers when they return to their work to tell them that this experience had helped them in doing their own English presentations in their companies.


当校にはパブリックスピーキングというアクティビティがあるのですが、自分でトピックを決め、内容を担当のフィリピン人講師と作り上げ、観客の前でプレゼンテーション をするものです。95パーセントの日本人生徒がこのアクティビティに参加しております。スピーチをすると決まった留学生は力を入れてスピーチ作りに取り組み ます。会社から研修生として送られてくる留学生様も多いのですが、日本にご帰国された後、当校のフィリピン人講師にパブリックスピーキングの経験は会社で行う英語のプレ ゼンテーションで多いに役立ったと連絡が来るそうです。


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